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Top 3 Brands of robot vacuum cleaners in 2023

Jan 13, 2024




Nowadays, life is high-speed; to fulfill your tasks during the day, you need to do several things at one time. That's why electronic devices that can work autonomously are good helpers. A robot cleaner is an excellent example of a device that can easily integrate into a smart home and perform regular cleaning. A robot vacuum cleaner is a miniature disk-shaped version of a canister vacuum cleaner, working from an electric motor and collecting dirt with one or two rotating brushes into a plastic canister inside. Its motor works from batteries with a capacity from one to three hours (depending on the type of battery); a cleaner automatically goes to a docking station for recharging.

On the market, different robots are presented. The main parameters to choose the proper one for your home are suction power, dimensions, size of a dustbin, type of filter, working time, and ability to mop the floor. Additionally, some users rely on the overall Brand quality, their warranty policy, and the number of service centers in the required region, as a robot vacuum cleaner is not a cheap device.

Below are listed three of the most popular brands of robot vacuum cleaners in 2023.

Company iRobot has been producing Roomba robot vacuums, and Brava robot mops for a home for more than 30 years. They have eight popular Roomba models with different shapes and characteristics. The most modern model Roomba Combo j7+ detects small objects like cords and pet waste during each run; this helps avoid almost all obstacles preventing regular cleaning. This is the only model from Roomba that can mop and vacuum simultaneously. Moreover, it is equipped with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal. Other Roomba models, j7+ and j7, add obstacles in their home app and remember them; there is an excellent option connected; they can notify you via smartphone regarding these obstacles to detect hazards at home. In addition, these Roomba models have Dirt Detect Technology to increase suction power in the dirtiest places.

Roomba s9 and j7 (correspondingly s9+ and j7+) have a suction power of 2500 Pa, enough for deep carpet cleaning. Other models have power four times less, but rubber brushes help to collect, even in this case, all dirt from the carpet and hard floors, especially from corners. The most outstanding feature is that some models (s9, j7, i3) are compatible with a docking station for automatic dust storage for 60 days (plus models have the station in the package). You do not need to clean the container after each cycle; all dust will automatically be emptied into this storage. All allergens are collected by a high-efficiency cartridge filter inside each model.

All models can be easily incorporated into a smart home and be controlled by voice commands to clean the home during your absence upon a set schedule. Robots even suggest you set up additional cleanings during the seasonal change of pet hair.

The prices for Roomba robots start from about $300 for the simplest model, i3, up to $1100 for the modern one – Combo j7+. So, the choice is for every budget. For more information about Roomba vacuums, you can check

Robrock is a modern Chinese company founded in 2014 specializing in robot vacuum cleaners. They produce ten different series of robots with three different docking stations. The latest achievement of this Company is S8 Pro Ultra, the most expensive and automatic robot vacuum cleaner. It has 6000 Pa of suction power, is equipped with a docking station that can automatically clean the cleaner internals, and this robot even has a mopping function. A docking station will refill the water tank, wash all mops and brushes after each use, dry a mopping pad, and empty the dirt container. For sure, electronics will recognize as Roomba j7+ all hazards and avoid them. The price for this precise cleaner is about $1600.

Roborock brand also presents less expensive models equipped as well with the latest electronic innovations. Model S8 also has high suction power of 6000 Pa and outstanding sonic mopping with intelligent lifting. Models S5 and S6 have less suction power in 2000-2500 Pa, but they all have a mopping function and a large 460 ml dustbin. It is crucial that these clever robots recognize the floor type and will not mop the carpets! The S6 MaxV model is similar to the S7 object recognition system and stereoscopic camera to map your home and create the most effective cleaning patterns. The battery capacity for these models is enough to work for 180 minutes. The noise level is between 53-59 dB; the level is different for each cleaning mode. Roborock cleaners have mainly 4-5 modes – quiet, balance, turbo, and maximum. They are equipped with two brushes, perfectly sweeping edges, and corners by their bristle at a speed of 1350 rpm. The price for S5 starts from about $500.

Ecovacs company was established in 1998 in China; now, they have subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, and Germany. Ecovacs produces floor-cleaning not only robots but also windows-cleaning robots, air-purifying robots, and business assistant robots. Their Deebot series are presented with 14 different models of different parameters and prices from $250 up to $1200.

The most advanced model is ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI, with a Li-ion battery that provides an opportunity to clean for up to 260 min, but unfortunately, the charging time is more than six hours. It also has a large 400 ml dustbin. The robot has voice reports and can be controlled by a smartphone map that helps to create a home map. The model is equipped with an All-in-One OMNI station for auto-cleaning, auto-empty, auto water refill, and hot drying. Other models are also good at cleaning but do not have high suction power; it is around 2000-2500 Pa. All have good navigation that prevents sticking in narrow corners. Some robots have mopping functions, but the noise level is relatively high, about 66-70 dB.

Deebots robots also have several working modes: auto, spot, area, or edges. Interestingly, not all robots are equipped with two side brushes, sometimes only one. In addition, some robots do not have in a package a docking station, which should be bought separately. Nevertheless, Deebot robots are a good solution for everyday cleaning for each budget.

A robot vacuum cleaner is not a luxury device that is not affordable for a large auditory. This smart vacuum cleaner can perform tedious everyday sweeping work without complaining; its docking station simply should be connected to the power. The choice of robots on the market is vast; the most popular now are Deebot, Roborock, and Roomba. Depending on your needs, you can choose the top Roborock model with a suction power of 6000 Pa over the simple Deebot model.

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