Dreame D10s Plus: 65 days of Hands
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Dreame D10s Plus: 65 days of Hands

Apr 09, 2023

Started as a campus organization, Dreame has continued to pioneer innovative advancements like the multi-cone cyclone separation technology, growing into a vacuum and robot vacuum technology leader. The company has now released its DreameBot D10s series that promises months of hands-free cleaning powered by Artificial Intelligence. Whenever we see the promise of hands-free cleaning, we know a big price tag is coming. No more!

This latest DreameBot series includes D10s Pro and D10s Plus and is affordably priced at $399.99 and $549.99, respectively.

DreameBot D10s Plus features a base station that automatically empties the dust box, powered by Dreametech's exclusive DualBoost 1.0 auto-empty system that empties quickly and prevents clogging. Dreame D10s Plus is the perfect AI-powered vacuum cleaner for busy households, offering a maximum dust collection period of 65 days, thanks to the extra-large 4L dust bag with an E12 filter. This is the longest dust collection period being offered by a sub-$500 product in the market.

The price point of Dreame D10s Plus at just $439.99 doesn't mean the product doesn't feature high-end specs. Setting itself apart from a market full of $800+ products, D10s Plus is one of the few robot vacuums that use AI technology and LiDAR navigation to offer efficient and intelligent home cleaning. It also boasts the strongest suction rating at 5000Pa, beating every under-$550 competitor on the market.

The advanced AI and LDS obstacle avoidance combine to accurately identify and avoid obstacles, identify rooms to recommend cleaning strategies, and rapidly construct maps of your home to deliver effective, efficient cleaning that doesn't miss a spot.

"With their advanced features and affordable price point, we believe they will be a game-changer in the home cleaning industry. We can't wait for customers to experience the convenience and efficiency of these innovative products." - Dreame team during the launch.

To run all of that tech, DreameBot D10s Plus features a 5200mAh battery capacity that ensures prolonged continuous cleaning, making it the perfect choice for larger homes.

Coming to the mopping side of the game, DreameBot D10s Plus offers you to select from multiple levels of water volume thanks to an electronically controlled water tank. You can manage the water flow to control the dampness allowed on your floors to ensure they always look clean and nice. It's not just a few controls, Dreame offers up to 30 levels of water floor control with its 140ml water tank for D10s Plus and 235ml water tank for D10s Pro.

Dreame D10s Plus also features a bristleless rubber brush that delivers impressive cleaning performance on carpets and rugs without the whole tangled hair mess! Traditionally, vacuum brushes carry bristles that twist with long hair, not only creating an impossible hassle to keep the vacuum brush clean but also reducing the cleaning efficiency. Dreame's versatile rubber brush avoids all that, digs deep into carpets to shake up any hidden dust or debris, efficiently grabs dirt off of hard floors, and successfully does it all while preventing hair tangling.

Want to take things up a notch and control your bot with your voice? DreameBot supports Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, seamlessly integrating into any smart home, making automated cleaning even more hands-free.

The Dreame team has been kind to our readership, offering us an exclusive early bird discount. Use code D10sPluswccf to save $110 on D10s Plus, getting it for an unbelievable price of $439.49 until June 20.

If you want the advanced features but not the auto-empty base station, you can buy the D10s Pro that brings the same AI powers and LiDAR navigation to home cleaning - just without the auto-empty feature - for $399.99.

Dreame has taken on the big task of offering home cleaning automation with a relatively inexpensive price point. If you are in the market for a budget robot vacuum cleaner with perfect navigation and AI-powered obstacle avoidance, DreameBot D10s Plus is an excellent product, especially for homes with pets and large areas. Head over to the official website and get the early bird discount on D10s Plus. It's time to put cleaning on autopilot!

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