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Kenmore BC4026 Pet

Jun 20, 2023

Updated May 12, 2023

When it comes to vacuums, few are as classic or as classy as Kenmore canister vacs. One look at the colors and design, and you know that someone who cares about the look and feel of their product engineered this. The Kenmore BC4026 Pet-friendly Pop-N-Go Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner (available at Amazon) is a prime example. Beyond the look and feel, the BC4026's performance was above average when compared to all the canister vacuums we’ve tested. It has superior edge-to-edge carpet cleaning, onboard attachment storage, and an attractive exterior. However, we found its crumb-cleaning power lacking so if you’re constantly running your vacuum on your kitchen floors, we’d suggest the Dyson Big Ball Multifloor.

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The Kenmore BC4026 comes with a Pet Powermate attachment, long crevice tool, a Pop-N-Go bare floor brush, and a dusting brush.

The Kenmore Pop-N-Go BC4026 canister vacuum is a rebrand of the Kenmore 81614. Like its predecessor, the BC4026 is a canister vacuum that uses bags, supports a HEPA-rated filter, and its main brush head has a multipurpose all-floors design with variable suction controlled from the handle.

It has a front storage case that contains its dusting brush, crevice tool, and Pet Powermate that's designed to deal with pet hair allergens, including dander.

The onboard storage of the Kenmore BC4026.

When a vacuum is easy to use, you’re more likely to actually use it. Logical, right? You’ll love the Kenmore BC4026 for the multiple features that get it on its way.

First, all of its attachments can be stored onboard the vacuum itself. This not only saves space, but also means that your Pet Powermate mini brush and crevice tool are always on hand as you vacuum your house.

This Kenmore also has controls on its handle, rather than on the body. This means that you can switch the brush head to carpet or hardwood mode, and adjust the overall suction power, without having to fumble around.

Lastly, we love its ability to clean right to the edge of its floor brush.

Most vacuums that enter our labs have about a quarter-inch gap between the edge of the brush head and the edge of the surface they’re coming up against (like a wall), which limits their ability to fully clean without you stopping to switch in a tool.

That is not so with the Kenmore BC4026. Our testing showed that the BC4026 had excellent edge-to-edge cleaning. It didn't matter if we approached a wall with the front of the brush head or the side, the suction got everything clean right up to the edge.

The Kenmore Pop-N-Go cleaned really well on regular carpet.

When we test a vacuum, we place a special mixture of dirt that contains grain sizes ranging from coarse sand to fine talc.

With this Kenmore canister on maximum power, it picked up an impressive 72% of the testing per pass. Since most people go over the same spot multiple times, this translates to very clean carpets.

If you’re thinking about using your vacuum to clean throw rugs, or you have thicker carpets in your home, the Kenmore BC4026 is wholly capable.

On carpet with thick and high loops, it averaged around 16% pickup per pass. That may seem like a huge drop from the 72% it averages on regular carpet, but based on our data, this stat is on par with other high-end canister vacuums. For example, the Miele Boost Cx1 got about 18.95%—which is our second highest rated canister vacuum.

The Kenmore Pop-N-Go comes with an AllergenSeal system, which promises to remove 99.97% dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns—or more commonly known as a HEPA filter.

The Kenmore Pop-N-Go includes a powered mini brush called the Pet Powermate. It's designed to deal with pet hair, and it 100% delivers. We tested it on carpet loaded with Bernese Mountain Dog hair and you can see the results. The Pet Powermate was able to pull the long strands of hair from the carpet loops without the follicles wrapping around the brushes. The suction power was high enough that it only required, on average, two passes to remove all the pet hair.

If you’re constantly feeling like your upholstery and carpets are on the verge of morphing into a second dog with all the hair they’re accumulating, this attachment is the answer to reclaiming them.

Plus, the Kenmore Pop-N-Go comes with an AllergenSeal system, which promises to remove 99.97% dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns—or more commonly known as a HEPA filter. So, while you’re vacuuming up pet hair, you can rest assured that the BC4026 isn't reintroducing allergens to your home's air.

The Kenmore Pop-N-Go BC4026 is a powerful canister vacuum.

When it came to cleaning up crumbs, the Kenmore Pop-N-Go occasionally made a bigger mess than already existed on normal carpet.

We use uncooked rice and uncooked macaroni for our tests, to simulate the various types of crumbs that can litter your household. The rice is small and difficult to pick up and the macaroni often breaks apart into smaller pieces. The BC4026 did fine suctioning up the rice, but when it came to tackling the macaroni, it crushed and flicked pieces all over the rest of the floor.

What this tells us is that if you plan to clean up large crumbs on your normal carpet, you should switch to the crevice or dusting tool. But, if you’re cleaning bare floors or high-pile carpets, you’ll be just fine.

When vacuuming, many people set their vacuums to maximum suction power and then let a rip. However, if you’re using the Kenmore Pop-N-Go, you should rethink this tactic.

Its two-motor system is powerful enough to make it difficult to push and pull the brush head around on carpets, but adjusting the suction power can help, and it's easy to do.

While the BC4026 has a fresh new look, its usability has stayed the same as the previous 81614 model. Whether it's easy to push or pull while cleaning is dependent on the suction level you have it set at. Because you can easily adjust the suction power on the go, if you feel too much resistance, you can lower the power and amp it up again when you need it.

The onboard storage is convenient as is the retractable power cord. However, the fact that the brush head doesn't have anywhere to slot into the body means the unit sometimes falls over when not in use.

That's due to the fact the hose that attaches the brush head to the body is on the heavy and stiff side. If you’re not confident in your arm strength, you may find it difficult to use the attachments to clean overhead areas like drapes and shelves.

Overall, we felt the usability was average compared to similarly priced competitors. However, it's also the same as previous generations of the Kenmore Pop-N-Go and we were hoping to see some issues we had before addressed in the seven years since we first tested this model.

On Amazon, the Kenmore BC4026 scores a 4.3 out of 5 stars.

People talk about how much they like the Powermate attachment and the overall suction power.

However, there are complaints that the long hose got in the way. In our testing, we found the hose to be heavier than average, but not overly so.

Consumers also cited an issue with the suction causing the brush head to adhere to the floor. We also experienced this during testing and had to get around it by lowering the suction power.

The Kenmore Pop-N-Go BC4026 is a powerful canister vacuum.

If you’re a fan of canister vacuums, this should be among your top picks.

Households that are constantly dealing with hair, human or pet, will appreciate the Powermate attachment.

Whether it's hardwood, carpets, or upholstery, the Kenmore BC4026 has the power and included attachments to clean them all.

If you’re looking for alternatives, check out the Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor or the Miele CX1.

The Kenmore BC4026 Pet-friendly Pop-N-Go Bagged Canister vacuum has superior edge-to-edge carpet cleaning, onboard attachment storage, and an attractive exterior.

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