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6 Best Vacuum Cleaners Under £100 In the UK

Jul 01, 2023

Dealing with dust, debris, and pet hairs is the last thing you need after a busy long day. Thankfully, there is no shortage of capable vacuum cleaners that sweep through tiring household chores like a pro. However, most people avoid getting one due to the fat price tag with popular brands. Worry not, we have compiled a list of the best vacuum cleaners under £100 in the UK.

A vacuum cleaner is one of the must-have accessories for your home. And with these, you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to get a capable model with high suction power. So, allow us to simplify the purchase decision for you.

Before we start, check our existing vacuum cleaners and smart home accessories coverage.


At 1.2 kg weight, Shark cordless vacuum cleaner is the lightest option. If you are looking for an easy-to-carry-around vacuum cleaner for your home or car, you can't go wrong with this one.

Shark offers one of the best affordable cordless vacuum cleaners in the UK. You don't need to always stay connected to a power source. A small size and lightweight construction take a toll on cap capacity and battery size.

With this Shark cordless vacuum cleaner, you get a 0.45-liter dust cap capacity and only 10 minutes of use on a single charge. Although it's sufficient for a quick car or living room clean-up, you may need more time to return to a power outlet frequently. It has an LED indicator warning you about low battery and supports the latest USB-C charging.


Akitas is another lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner out there. Akira's offering addresses one of the major limitations of the Shark vacuum cleaner above –Battery life. This one has an extended 30-minute battery life and a larger cap size, and these two features are added advantages.

Although Akita has a large battery and cap size, the overall weight is still manageable at 2.4kg. It offers a 3-in-1 design for versatile applications. Whether you want to clean the carpet, sofa, or drapes, Akitas surely won't disappoint you.

Many have pointed out the below-average build quality of Akita's vacuum cleaner. That said, it works as advertised, and users like it for its value-to-money proposition. Plus, it's suitable for all floor types and works well on carpets and tiles. At the same time, we recommend keeping it out of reach from your little ones and handling it carefully to avoid any accidental damage. It's available in Blue.


Speaking of budget vacuum cleaners, how can we leave out Amazon's offering from the list? If you are looking for a high suction power and dust cap capacity, Amazon's vacuum cleaner is worth checking out. It has an integrated HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Absorbing) filter to eliminate odors, dust, dirt, and pollen

Interestingly, it's quiet. The company rates it at 78 decibels, and the odds are that it won't disturb others. At the same time, it's versatile and ideal for rugs, carpets, floors, and car interiors.

It's not cordless, though. You need to keep it connected to a power plug all the time. It may not be convenient for all, but this is a trade-off you need to make if you want high-suction power from your latest purchase.

This AmazonBasics vacuum cleaner is popular on Amazon and has more than 12,000 user ratings, with a majority of them on the positive side. Users love its strong suction and its performance on hardwood floors.


Vax Air's offering stands out from the rest with its lightweight construction and versatility. As you may know already, most conventional corded vacuum cleaners are quite heavy, making them difficult to use for a long time.

Although the Vax Air vacuum cleaner weighs below 5 kg, it offers a handy 17m reach to clean every corner of the house. A powerful 70 mph airflow also ensures high suction power to remove small debris from the carpet. We aren't surprised to see raving reviews about the suction performance of Vax Air.

The company also offers a Max version ideal for picking pet hairs. Be prepared to pay a slight premium over the asking price to get the turbo tool with the package. The wattage usage is higher, so don't be surprised if you see an eye-popping electricity bill.

Like its counterpart above, the Vax Air vacuum cleaner is well-liked by its user base, especially when it comes to sucking in pet hair and dust particles. And well, it's not expensive either.


Eureka offers two affordable options, and the Whirlwind model has a price tag in the sub-$100 price bracket in the UK. It comes with a powerful 700W motor and different modes to keep your carpet, upholstery, and hard floors clean.

Eureka vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-in-1 dusting brush to clean all parts of the home. You can easily clean those hard-to-reach areas under the sofa and bed. Many users have complained about dealing with long cords with such vacuum cleaners.

The company has a neat solution with automatic cord rewind. It saves time and frees you up from a cord mess. With a manageable weight, low noise levels, large dust cup capacity, and powerful suction, Eureka's all-rounder product should be sufficient for most buyers.


Greenote is undoubtedly the best cordless vacuum cleaner at £100. Although it weighs only 1.2 kg, it packs a powerful punch with replaceable batteries, a HEPA filter, and a commendable runtime.

The biggest limitation of a cordless vacuum cleaner is battery life. Greenote offers 35 minutes of runtime to clean a medium-sized (around 1700 sq.ft.) apartment. The brush head has LEDs to check the dust and debris under the sofa and home furniture.

A maneuverable LED brush head, a telescopic rod, and two HEPA filters make it an ideal pick for many buyers. It comes with several modes, too. However, note that the runtime goes down to only 18 minutes during the high-speed mode. Thanks to six 2200 mAh batteries, you can expect to use it for years.

These were some of the best vacuum cleaners under £100. It's natural to run into decision paralysis with several brands, styles, and models to pick from. Hence, you need to consider your home surface, vacuum cleaner weight, size, and other factors before hitting the buy button. If your budget allows, Hoover's cordless vacuum cleaner is worth checking out.

Last updated on 06 June, 2023

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