You can save £100 on the GHI’s top
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You can save £100 on the GHI’s top

Apr 06, 2023

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Save £100 on this essential household appliance.

A quality vacuum cleaner is an essential household appliance to keep your home clean, and we’ve spotted the GHI's top-rated upright vacuum – the Hoover HL5 Push&Lift Anti-Twist Home Upright Vacuum Cleaner – on offer at £179. That's a decent £100 saving on an essential household appliance.

The Good Housekeeping Institute scored this model a solid 90/100 on test. An excellent all-rounder, it impressed with its superior dusting functionality, leaving things sparkling clean across every surface, including carpet, floorboards and laminate. Our GHI team rated it for pet hair removal too, with every stray strand removed in just one sweep, and found its anti-twist technology effective in preventing anything from sticking in the brush head.

The Hoover model's slick design scored full marks, with testers finding it easy to use thanks to its intuitive controls and clear instructions. For cleaning awkward spots like stairs, it can turn into a portable vacuum by simply pressing the foot pedal while tricky edges and hard-to-reach narrow spaces can be tackled using the handy crevice tool.

With three levels of suction to choose between, regardless of whether you’re cleaning well-loved carpets that need more power to remove debris or hoovering lighter dust from your window sills, there's a setting to suit each task. Thanks to a generous 2.5 litre dust capacity, this bagless model also provides more airflow and an overall better cleaning ability for longer.

All in all, this versatile upright vacuum cleaner impressed our GHI experts, making it a worthwhile investment for any home. You can pick up the Hoover HL5 Push&Lift Anti-Twist Home Upright Vacuum Cleaner here.

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