The V15 Detect Submarine is Dyson’s First Wet Vacuum
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The V15 Detect Submarine is Dyson’s First Wet Vacuum

Jul 18, 2023

Dyson has announced a raft of new cleaning appliances. Alongside the Gen5detect – its most powerful cordless vacuum yet – is the 360 Vis Nav, its brand-new robot vacuum; and there's the Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet, its ultra-quiet air purifier; plus there's the V15 Detect Submarine, which we’re taking a look at in this article.

The V15 Detect Submarine is Dyson's first wet and dry cordless vacuum. Essentially, it's the V15 Detect cordless vacuum with an additional, all-new, wet roller head.

As this stage, we don't have an exact launch date for the release of the Submarine. All we know is that it’ll be available to buy later in 2023. In the first instance at least, you’ll be able to buy it from Dyson online and in Dyson Demo stores.

Dyson has not yet released a price for the V15 Detect Submarine but considering that the same vacuum cleaner without the wet roller head is currently available for around $750/ £630, we’d expect this to cost at least $150/ £150 more.

The key new feature of the Submarine is its wet roller head. Now, as this is Dyson tech – and as the brand's slogan might as well be ‘Never Knowingly Under-engineered’ – you’d probably be expecting a bit more than a squeegee on a stick. And you’d be right.

The engineers behind its creation have designed "an eight-point hydration system" to ensure that your floor is evenly cleaned without ever being soaked.


What this means is that the water will pass through a pressurised chamber and every minute, eight evenly spaced jets will release precisely 18ml of water into the microfibre roller. Thanks to the design and the fact that the cleaning head is motorised, you won't need to add detergent. Plain water will be enough to remove stains and get a proper clean.

There are two water tanks. The clean water tank holds 300ml of water, which Dyson believes will be enough to clean a 110m2 floor – that's far more than an average kitchen or bathroom. It would probably be enough for an entire storey in most homes, if you had only hard flooring.

The dirty water is pulled away from the roller into a separate, 360ml waste water tank. The wet roller head has been designed to clean right up to the edges and the wand can get close to the floor for cleaning in odd spots.


But that only covers the Submarine part of the V15 Detect Submarine. It also comes with all the features and accessories that made the V15 Detect such a leap forward from earlier cordless models.

There's the Optic Fluffy Cleaner Head, which is a green laser head that illuminates dust and hair. If you’ve ever used a vacuum with headlights, this is very similar, but even more effective. In fact, we’ve found that the most efficient way to vacuum with one is to switch off your overhead lights and pootle around in the dark.

It's also equipped with a full colour screen that not only shows the remaining battery life in each mode but also – in conjunction with a piezo sensor – displays the number and size of dust particles being vacuumed up.

It comes with some nifty accessories as well, including the excellent Hair Screw tool, a cone-shaped attachment that rolls hair away and into the bin, to save you from having to pull it or cut it away from the roller.

Jim Martin / Foundry

We’ll be reviewing the V15 Detect Submarine as soon as we get the chance, but in the meantime, read our review of the standard V15 Detect to see whether we’d recommend it.

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