Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum Cleaner Review 2023: Move Over Dyson, There's A New King of Clean
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Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum Cleaner Review 2023: Move Over Dyson, There's A New King of Clean

Jun 04, 2023

By Terri Williams

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Full disclosure: I love Dyson vacuum cleaners. In fact, I included two different Dyson models in the Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors. However, the Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum Cleaner takes the cleaning process to another level. It tackles all floor types flawlessly, and then, when placed in the stylish clean station (the circular charging dock), automatically empties the dustbin into an antibacterial dust bag—while simultaneously charging the vacuum cleaner.

The Samsung Bespoke Jet also comes with plenty of accessories and there's a separate accessory cradle to keep them all organized. When in the clean station, the vacuum cleaner looks more like a work of art than a tool for cleaning my home. Visitors frequently ask, "What is that? It looks like a vacuum cleaner, but no—now, I don't think it is." The vacuum itself is sleek and stylish, serving double duty as both a cordless stick and handheld vacuum. The adjustable pipe (ideal for users of different heights)—combined with the accessories—allows me to clean underneath furniture and also reach my ceiling vents.


Cordless stick vacuums are, by far, my favorite type of vacuum. However, they tend to present two problems not found in regular upright vacuums: While the cordless feature is great, having to stop and revive the batteries with a charger can be a bummer. (Who wants to stop vacuuming, wait several hours for a recharge, and then resume vacuuming the floor?) The other problem: Most (but not all) stick vacuums are not self-standing, meaning I either have to mount it on the wall or prop it up against something so it won't fall down.

However, the Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum Cleaner solves both of these problems. It has a 60-minute battery—one of the longest run times of any cordless stick vacuum—and there's an extra battery, so I can just swap them out when one needs to be recharged. (Keep in mind that the 60-minute estimate is based on using the lowest mode and the combination tool/crevice tool. With the main dual brush, battery life is more like 42 minutes on the lowest setting. The higher the mode, the shorter the battery life. That's true for all cordless stick vacuums. If I ran it on the highest setting with the dual brush, battery time would be closer to 10 minutes.)

The second problem the Samsung Bespoke Jet solves is that it goes into a (frankly, elegant-looking) clean station, so I don't need to find space on my wall to drill holes in order to mount it. However, the Samsung Bespoke Jet doesn't just stand. It stands there like a work of art. I have the Midnight Blue color, and when the vacuum cleaner is placed in the cleaning station, it's quite beautiful to look at. This vacuum definitely shouldn't be hidden away in a closet or laundry room.

There's more to the machine than just looks. I’ve had it since May 2022, and the vacuum has held up very well. This model has more air watts (210W) than any of Samsung's previous cordless stick vacuums—and it also includes more accessories. The lightweight (six-pound) vacuum is easy to maneuver, and the nozzle includes a dual brush head (a soft one for hard floors and another one with fins for carpets).

The digital display also makes it easy to operate the vacuum cleaner. The display screen shows the mode—min, mid, max, or jet. It also shows the charging status/remaining status, maintenance guide (for example, clean micro filter) and the error guide (for example, object stuck in brush/tool, filter not inserted, clogged, check brush). Fortunately, I’ve never encountered problems that would engage the error guide mechanism.

The pipe (or tube) can be adjusted in height. Since I’m 5'8", the first thing I do when taking the vacuum out of the cleaning station is press the button on the tube to extend the height, which makes it comfortable to clean without having to bend over. The Jet Dual Brush is easy to operate and swivels to easily go around the legs of tables, sofas, and chairs. There's also a flex tool, which can bend up to 90 degrees. I place it on the end of the pipe and then clean the top of my refrigerator, as well as the (empty) built-in wine rack above the fridge. The flex tool also makes cleaning my wooden blinds a breeze.

Only the vacuum and dust bag fit in the cleaning station, and the other accessories fit on the separate accessory cradle, which has a convenient carry handle (although it does take up additional floor space compared to the LG CordZero tower, which keeps all of the accessories together). The vacuum can also transform into a handheld vacuum, which is like having two vacuums in one.

I don't have a pet (or upholstered furniture—and I wouldn't use any vacuum accessories on either of my leather sofas or my leather office chairs), but the pet tool can pick up thin pet hair on sofas and other fabric furniture. However, I routinely use the crevice tool to reach into corners and tight spaces, and the slim action brush and combination tool are used to clean my table tops and the carpet in my vehicle.

And after I finish vacuuming, I just insert the Samsung Bespoke Jet into the clean station, press the start/stop button, and it empties the dustbin into a dust bag inside of the clean station. As someone who is a borderline germaphobe, not having any role in emptying the debris may be the best part. The vacuum has a five-part filtration system and the dust bag is self-sealing so I don't have to worry about allergens or contaminants being released into the air at any point during this process. Admittedly, I do have to replace the dust bag when the start/stop button turns red, but the bag holds a lot of debris, so that's the easy part.

Occasionally, I need to remove the dustbin and washable micro filter to clean. After removing from the vacuum cleaner, I vacuum the dustbin, and then rinse all of the components in the sink. The brushes and other parts are cleaned with a dry cloth.

The combination of looks and performance make the Bespoke Jet Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner my favorite new cleaning machine. In terms of functionality, it's on par with the Dyson V15 Detect, which is also easy to use and has plenty of accessories to increase functionality. Dyson also has one 60-minute battery and provides scientific data of the debris that it's cleaned, but I’m not sure I need to know all of that. Dyson also automatically adjusts suction power, but I think I’m pretty capable of tapping the dial to adjust suction power on my own when switching from hard floors to carpets.

However, the Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum is self-standing and it stands in a cleaning station/charging station at that. And the cleaning station is also self emptying, extracting the dust and debris without my help. That's pretty important to me. Also (and this may be a small thing, but it's also important to me), Dyson's vacuums come in some pretty loud colors that tend not to coordinate well with anything in my home. However, the Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum looks good—in any room and from any angle.