Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Vacuum: Price, Release Date and Features
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Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Vacuum: Price, Release Date and Features

Dec 01, 2023

Samsung has announced the launch of its latest cordless vacuum, the Bespoke Jet AI. It's the latest iteration in its Jet series, with all the features of its Bespoke Jet model, plus some new ones, including AI floor detection, and souped-up suction power.

Read on for all the details. UK readers can also find out how to save £300 when they buy, while US readers can get a free spinning spray sweeper worth $149.99 with their purchase.

The Bespoke Jet AI will be Samsung's new flagship cordless vacuum. Like the Bespoke Jet, it stands in its charging dock, which also functions as an auto empty station. As the name suggests, it has AI technology. Since we think that the Bespoke Jet is one of the best vacuums we’ve tested – you can read our review to find out more – we’re keen to try it out.

In the US, the Bespoke Jet AI will begin shipping from 7 July and will be available from selected retailers at the same time.

Samsung has not announced a precise launch date in the UK but we know that the Bespoke Jet AI will be available to order sometime in June.

The Bespoke Jet AI will retail for $999.99 in the US. However, if you reserve one in advance from the Samsung website, you can get a free spinning spray sweeper attachment with it, worth $149.99. Reserve one now.

As yet, no price point has been announced for the UK, although the US price gives us a rough idea of what it’ll be.

However, in spite of this, we know that you can get £300 off the launch price if you register your interest with Samsung. If you’re considering buying one, this is a good discount, so it's well worth it. Register now.

The key feature is in the name. Using Samsung's AI Optimum Tech, the AI mode detects floor types to optimise suction power and brush roll speed. It's the first cordless stick vacuum to receive AI verification from UL Solutions, an independent science safety organisation.

The AI cleaning mode can reduce battery consumption by up to 14% and, when using the Slim LED Brush+, by up to 21%. It also boosts manoeuvrability. It's a smart vacuum as well, and via the SmartThings app, users will also be able to use the smart self-diagnosis function to customise their vacuum and ensure efficiency.


The most important upgrade for the Jet AI is perhaps its increased suction power, which the company says is down to its new HexaJet motor. Samsung has given wattage to measure its vacuum cleaner's suction power, which is not the current preferred option – thanks to Dyson, vacuum cleaner suction power is now usually measured in air watts, which means it's hard to compare Samsung's flagship with the latest Dyson.

But Samsung says the Bespoke Jet AI has 280W of suction in its most powerful mode (with a total power consumption of 730W), compared to the 210W of the previous model.

It also features the charging dock, which is one of its best features. The dock is a slim, minimalist, plug-in affair. When you return the vacuum to the stand, not only does it charge but it’ll be automatically emptied via suction into a bag in the dock.

This essentially turns a bagless system into a bagged one, making it a good option for people with allergies or a sensitivity to dust.

It also has an exceptionally long battery life, with a maximum runtime of 100 minutes – we assume that this will be on the lowest setting. This compares very favourably to Dyson vacuums, which have a maximum runtime of 60 minutes.


Oddly, although it's among the Bespoke line of products, there's very little that's aesthetically bespoke about this vacuum. The Bespoke range of products began with its fridges and fridge freezers. Buyers could choose from a range of colours and textures for the front panels, to create a look that's tailored to their home.

In the US, you can buy the original Bespoke Jet in different colour options, whereas in the UK, the colour options were tied to different models.

However, the launch options of the Bespoke Jet AI are much more limited. In the US, there's a choice of a black or a white model. In the UK, it's black only. Reserve yours now if you’re in the US or register your interest to get £300 off in the UK.

We’ll be testing the Samsung Bespoke Jet AI but in the meantime, you can read our review of the Samsung Bespoke Jet cordless vacuum, or see all of our recommendations in our round-up of the best vacuum cleaners we’ve tested.

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