Pet Lovers Are Obsessed With This Dyson Vacuum That’s on Sale at Amazon
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Pet Lovers Are Obsessed With This Dyson Vacuum That’s on Sale at Amazon

Sep 16, 2023

And it can even clean your couch, air vents, and area rugs, too.

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Real Simple / Madison Woiten

Cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters—they’re your pets and you love ‘em dearly. Of course, they love you back, but they also love to shed hair and make messes. It comes with the territory, which is why you need a vacuum that can take care of all the hair, tracked-in dirt, and beyond. And this Dyson cordless vacuum is it. Pssst, it's also on sale, but only for a limited time.

Designed specifically with pets in mind, the Dyson Cyclone V10 vacuum is an animal lover's must-have. Its suction is unparalleled, using 350 watts of power with a 60-minute runtime to pick up debris around your entire home on a single charge. Similar to corded vacuums, this one has a steady, continuous pull without losing power and can clean across multiple floor surfaces. Think: low-pile carpets, hardwoods, tiles, laminents, etc.


To buy: $430 (was $550);

In addition to its impressive suction, the vacuum is equipped with a brushroll that picks up hair, dust, and crumbs and feeds it all right into the mouth. And no matter how much shedding falls out from your cat or dog, you’ll love that the head has an anti-tangle design. Yep, that means no more cutting long hair from the roll. Ew.

As for what the vacuum pulls in? Well, that continues to impress users. One reviewer who gave the vacuum a perfect five-star rating said they were "baffled at the amount of pet hair that the Dyson pulled out" of their carpeting as well as their furniture. They also recommended the Dyson specifically if "you have pets that are super shedders."

Speaking of cleaning furniture, the Dyson is designed to unclip from the stick and be used as a handheld. Plus, it comes with several attachments (away from the traditional head) to remove food bits and hair balls on surfaces beyond the floor. For example, the hair screw tool is ideal for the handheld to suck up chips, hair, and more on your couch and in Fido's dog bed. Meanwhile, the soft-bristle brush is great for that layer of dust hanging out on your air vents, shelves, and desk.

"I am so obsessed with this vacuum; everything about it is off the charts," wrote one person. "This vacuum doesn't miss anything and can even vacuum a heavy rug I have that my big vacuum can't… The fact that I have a clean place with five cats is largely due to this vacuum!"

Another person who said the Dyson is "actually worth the hype" also wrote, "I truly didn't know what I [was] missing until I got this. I vacuumed my small room, which on the surface didn't need it, but oh boy. It picked up hair from probably the house's previous owners."

Want to get a truly good clean? Replace your old cleaner with this Dyson Cyclone vacuum while it's on sale at Amazon right now.

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