Even Dyson Users ‘Prefer’ This Cordless Stick Vacuum That’s $290 Off Today
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Even Dyson Users ‘Prefer’ This Cordless Stick Vacuum That’s $290 Off Today

Oct 17, 2023

First and foremost, this weekend is all about spending time with friends and family and honoring the nation's fallen soldiers. When you have some free time between games of corn hole and devouring hotdogs, we suggest shopping for Memorial Day sales to save money on everyday essentials.

One deal in particular that should be on everyone's radar is the Whall Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that's currently marked down on Amazon AMZN with double discounts.

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This cordless vacuum cleaner is an upgraded model that has more powerful suction and uses a brushless motor that is ideal for carpets or hard floors. Choose from four cleaning modes—standard, medium, and max—to adjust its settings to pick up dust, hair, crumbs, and debris as big as cat food. Its swivel head with LED lights makes it easy to clean stubborn messes in hard-to-reach areas. You can also clean baseboards or curtains without hurting yourself by using the included extendable wand brush attachment.

The most efficient part of this stick vacuum is the four-stage filtration system that includes a high-density filter. It captures up to 99.99% of particles, which helps make the air quality in your home significantly better. All it needs is a quick rinse every few weeks to keep it working properly and the vacuum comes with a replacement.

The battery life is made to last for up to 55 minutes, depending on the cleaning mode, and it even comes with its own wall-mounted charging station. It can be charged on its own or while connected to the vacuum. Not only does this ensure it's always ready to use, but it also stores the vacuum off the ground to save as much space as possible.

There are over 3,000 shoppers who swear by the quality of this machine, so you know it's an excellent choice. One person even called it the "ultimate cordless vacuum cleaner" and added that it "exceeded my expectations in every way."

"It is super maneuverable, fits in small spaces, and transitions from rugs to bare floors with ease," wrote another five-star reviewer. "I'm always amazed at how much it picks up that I didn't know was there. I used a Dyson rechargeable before this and have to say I prefer this vacuum."

Don't miss your opportunity to score a cordless vacuum cleaner of this quality while it's on mega sale for just $110 over Memorial Day weekend. Make sure to apply Amazon's on-site coupon before adding it to your cart to get the best deal.

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