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5 Eureka vacuum cleaners worth buying in 2023

Jun 21, 2023

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Finding the right vacuum can be a bit of a chore in this day and age. Do you go for a canister vacuum? If you do, do you go for one with a bag or one without? Or do you choose a cordless stick vacuum? It all depends on what you need and how often you clean your floors. Thankfully, Eureka has a ton of options available, so you can choose exactly the one that you think will suit you and your household the best.

Each model has a unique purpose, so which one you choose depends on what you need to get done. For instance, does your home feature loads of carpeted areas or hard flooring? Do you want a powerful canister vacuum that will take on any job or do you want a stick vacuum that's super easy to pick up and start using?

You also have to consider the price. The more features a vacuum comes with and the more powerful it is, the more expensive it's going to get. Ultimately, you have to set a budget you’re comfortable with and find the model that checks all the boxes (or as many as possible).

There are loads of vacuums you can get from Eureka, and we’re sure each of them will fit at least some of your requirements. Here's a quick summary of what to expect from these models:

We’re kicking off with a compact canister vacuum cleaner. The Eureka WhirlWind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner is small, super cute, and lightweight. We’ve seen so many eyesore vacuum cleaners, so we’re glad to find one we wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen using.

It's not only the looks that make this vacuum cleaner stand out, but it has the performance to great performance to boot. The Eureka Whirlwind Canister Vacuum is a high-powered cleaning machine that features three settings for carpet, upholstery, and hard floors, adjusting the suction power to match the surface.

The vacuum weighs less than 8 pounds and is a breeze to maneuver. The swivel steering and telescopic metal wand make it possible to clean in tight spaces with ease. To further help when facing tough spots, there's a special tool for crevices integrated into the hose handle!

This model will also help save you money because it has a bagless design and washable filters that you can rinse, making cleaning super easy. The 2.5L dust container is also fairly large and will accommodate multiple cleaning jobs, although we do suggest you empty the bin after each use.

This compact vacuum cleaner will do a thorough job of cleaning your floors and your couch. With an MSRP of $80, you can get it for $72 right now.

Another great-looking vacuum cleaner from Eureka is the 3670M model. This one is light enough that you can carry it with you to every corner of the house and has a dust bag capacity of up to 2.5L, so it can hold the dirt from multiple cleaning jobs.

The vacuum features a 10-amp motor for a continuous and powerful suction job on thin and thick carpets, as well as wood or tile floors. The vacuum is also pretty easy to use, regardless if you have to clean those spider webs from the corners of your ceiling or try to reach those pet hair wisps from under your couch.

Unlike the previous model, this one comes with dust bags. The package includes five of them, so you’ll be covered for a while. The upside of this is that you won't have to empty the vacuum so often, and you won't have to rinse it either. The downside is that you’ll have to invest in bags when necessary.

The fantastic bonus use of this vacuum cleaner is that you can turn it into a leaf blower for your porch. Simply plug the hose in the blower port, and you have a 2-in-1 device.

The Eureka 3670M is a great vacuum cleaner for your entire home and you can even use it outside to blow away fallen leaves. This model is available for $83 right now.

If you’re tired of using the same old vacuum model with a canister, then getting a stick vacuum is the solution. Switching to one of these models can ensure you can simply pick up the device and clean the desired area, without wasting time by pulling the big vacuum from its place, extending the cord, and plugging it in.

The RapidClean Eureka model will do exactly that, and efficiently clean your home in no time at all. With up to 40 minutes of fade-free runtime and fingertip controls for maximum power, you'll never have to worry about losing suction when cleaning carpets and rugs. You can also lay this vacuum down completely flat to reach under the couch or the bed, preventing you from missing any spots. Plus, the bright LED lights placed on the tip of the brush will ensure you see all dust and debris in those dark places.

One of the struggles with stick vacuums is the inability to say upright. Eureka solved this problem by developing an Easy Rest nook, allowing you to safely prop up the vacuum on furniture.

This fantastic Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner is usually priced at $155, but you can get it for $120 right now.

Looking for a powerful stick vacuum that will deep clean carpets, hard floors, and your area rugs? This Eureka model will handle that job easily.

The vacuum comes with a height adjustment feature to ensure you can efficiently clean hard floors and carpets, and you can simply swap between height levels with a simple dial turn. The 2.6L capacity dust container is also large enough for multiple cleaning jobs around your home.

While many stick vacuums don't come with loads of accessories, this one provides a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and an upholstery brush. A simple button press will turn your stick vacuum into a handheld device that enables you to clean walls, couches, and other areas.

The NEU182B Eureka model is usually available for $88, but you can get it for $78 right now if you use the on-site coupon.

If you want a truly versatile vacuum model, the Eureka Blaze Stick Vacuum Cleaner NES215A is a great option. Weighing just 4 pounds, this is one of the lightest models we’ve ever seen.

With 240W of power and Eureka's signature swivel steering, cleaning is easier and more efficient than with standard stick vacuums. The device will work just fine on low-pile carpets, area rugs, and hard floors, while the filtration system will ensure it captures dust and pollen.

Not only is the Eureka Home Lightweight Stick Vacuum Cleaner a powerful device to have, but it's also cheap to purchase. You can get this one for a mere $34.

Have you figured out what your home needs? If it's a powerful vacuum, then perhaps one of the canister models will fit better, but if you need a model that you can pick up and tidy up after random messes your kids or pets make, then a stick vacuum will do just fine. Frankly, with the prices these Eureka models are available for, you can get one of each.

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